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June 5, 2014: Fourth day of C.A.T began with Holy Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Varghese Rosario DYD of Madras-Mylapore Diocese.  Fr. Savio DYD of Diocese of Goa preached a homily. He preached on ‘Love beyond borders’; he said what we do it is purely because of the love of God. At 9am Mr. Jose Jacob, CEO of INTEGRO Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore took a session on ‘youth need and expectations’. He told the animators what youth expect from them; Spirituality, Understanding, Correction (without hurting them), Collaboration, Encouragement, Sacrifice and Sensitive (SUCCESS). He shared his own testimony as a youth. He said I start my day with reading bible. Today what I am it is because of youth animators like Fr. Sunny Uppan SDB then Diocesan Youth Director of Archdiocese of Bangalore.











At 11am Mrs. Manjula Joy, Secreatry for Regional Charismatic Services of Karnataka and also prolife activists shared her testimony ‘A mission with action among young girls’. She was born in a non Christian family. She was guided by a nun started praying to Jesus for a baby for her sister. Her prayers are heard and she got a child. This persuaded her to read Bible. The Word of God touched her. She received baptism with joy.  ICYM National Youth Director Fr. Franklin D’Souza thanked Mrs. Manjula Joy for her heart touching testimony. He too shared how Lord Jesus touched him in 1999. He said that there is tremendous power in the Word of God, let us treasure it and integrate it in our ministry. Everyone appreciated the courage of Mrs. Manjula Joy who saved the life of 150 babies within a year.
















At 3 pm Fr. Jayanathan V.G. of Archdiocese of Bangalore and communication specialist took a interactive session on “Impact of media upon the youth” and “Empowering Youth to be critical media consumers”. As referring to impact of media he said that ‘Media not only influences the culture but media itself is a culture”. He gave five questions to the participants and interacted with them. Later he spoke on how to become good communicators? He said that in our communication there should be Clarity, Objiective (Purpose), Meaningful, Mediated, Undersatndable, Need based, Interactive, Customised, Applicable, Timely and Empathetic (COMMUNICATE).


















At 5pm session Fr. Jayanathan explained about New Communication Technologies (NCT); those are Tele conferencing, Tele text, Radio text, Videotex, Digital technology and Fibre optics, Transnational Television, INTELSAT, SITE and DBS/DTH.   He also dealt with salient features of NCT’s they are; Interactivity, Asynchronocity and De- Massification. He also explained SIX principles of communication. They are; Extension, Partipatory, Liberative, promotes Values and Culture, Inclusive and Informative. He concluded that saying we have to educate youth in media. He said that communication is not an act but it is a process. Fr. Savio welcomed Fr. Jayanathan and Fr. Varghese Rozario thanked the resource person.

After the supper Participants presented group wise cultural program. Every group members exhibited their talents. Day concluded with evaluation and night prayers.























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