My Jesus you have touched me
Your wounded hand has healed me
Your spirit has called for me
I'm yours,
I'm yours,
I'm yours
I'm yours alone

Oh-oh oh
Yes my lord, where shall I go?
You're the only way,
You're the only truth
You're the only life

When everyone abandoned me
In this fearsome  world
I was alone with a wounded heart,
You said you are mine
You are mine
 mine forever

Oh oh oh
Yes my lord, I know for sure
 that I'll never be alone
With the light that you've shown
When I am yours alone.

You rose up for me
and lived a life for me
You died for me, left
everything behind for me
It is time for me,
to live for you.

I surrender to you, my life
Take me, as I am
I believe in you
I have faith in you
Take control
make me whole

Oh oh oh
Yes my lord
Your touch healed us
You blessed us with this life
You lead the path for us
You lit up this world

Fr. Deepak Thomas KJ OCD