The ‘I’ Stands for Indian which shows a torch of green colour with a lighted orange flame. Green colour shows the richness of India in culture and religion. Green also means life – that the Church is alive in India, and that Youth are dynamic partners of the Church in bringing light to the world. Orange also symbolizes an atmosphere of openness and friendliness.

The letter ‘C’ stands for Catholic, our faith, which is in the center of the logo, as C for Christ is center for everything. Though we belong to different states and cultures C symbolizes the One in whom our faith is rooted, which is an open circle, inviting all.

The letter ‘Y’ stands for Youth, a youth holding a torch to eradicate darkness of corruption, communalism and social problems like Unemployment.

The fourth letter in the emblem ‘M’ stands for ‘Movement’, the positive sign of the movement is that it is dynamic, constructiveand person-oriented.

The whole ICYM is written in free hand text, freehand for liberation of young people, and is encircled by full form of ICYM, which binds us together. The moto of ICYM “To Lead, To Serve, To Shine” is written under the letter “M” (movement)...which symbolizes the nature of ICYM.

Designed and co-ordinated by Roshan Alexander [Ideas contributed by Francis Kohli (Vasai), Vijay Bhudev and Richard Joy (Bathinda), YesuDass (Kolkata), Fr. Joel D’cunha, Sr. Mary Lobo, Fr. Alwyn D’souza, Sr. Maria Sangma, National Council Meeting VII (Feb 2002) and National Council Meeting VIII (Sept 2002)



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