July 17, 2015; Dsouza James (ICYM National Treasurer) reached to Rwanda for the 7th World Camp of FIMCAP. The camp lasts 21 days and is organized by our partner organization Xaveri Rwanda.

The Xaverian Movement of Rwanda has more than 27,000 members. They are active in all the parishes and in almost all secondary schools and higher education institutions in the country. Xaveri Rwanda is also present in special centers such as prisons, refugee camps and orphanages.

The main objectives of Xaverian Movement of Rwanda are:

  • To develop a spirit of charity constantly sought and lived in every community, regardless of race, tribe and religion; 
  • To encourage individual, apostolate action in order to spread the truth and the life of Jesus and the gospel as a way of life; 
  • To create communities that meet the real needs of the country, sparking initiatives of development within the teams, sections and groups of Xaveri.

The Camp Theme: 

“Tous ensemble ambassadeurs de droits de l’enfant” 

“ All together ambassador’s of children’s rights”

Camp Projects: 

(1) Collecting Rainwater (2) Fighting against malnutrition (3) Building a House (4) Social Integration of children with disabilities

We wish all the very best to all the participants & Organizers especially to ICYM representative Mr. Dsouza James. 

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