The 24th General Assembly of FIMCAP (International Federation of Catholic Parochial Youth Movements) took place from 23rd November to 1st December 2013 in Modra, Slovakia. The member organisation of FIMCAP in Slovakia ERKO hosted this General Assembly. In 2013 the General Assembly was focused on the topic of Children’s Rights.

General Assembly is the most important meeting of FIMCAP. It is also the highest decision making body of FIMCAP. It is made up of representatives from each member organization. The General Assembly takes places every 3 years. It also gives opportunity to the member organisation of FIMCAP to encourage mutual cooperation, to evaluate past activities and to prepare a plan of collaboration for the next 3 years.





The General Assembly has full powers to carry out the aims of the association. It is the General Assembly in particular which elects the presidium for the upcoming 3 years and determines the direction of the federation. During the general assembly the strategic plan for the upcoming years is discussed and agreed upon. All major decisions must be taken by the General Assembly.

On 23rd and 24th November participants reached to the venue of the assembly and organised meetings according to their continent level. They also evaluated their last 3 years activities which they planned during the FIMCAP General Assembly, Munich, Germany in 2010.

On 24th evening Inaugural mass was offered by Bishop Jozef Haľko Auxiliary Bishop of Bratislava (Slovakia) along with Fr. Gregory Monteiro (FIMCAP International Chaplin), Fr. Ruben Gauci (FIMCAP Europe Chaplin) and other priests. Mr. Juraj Kralik, Chairman and CEO of ERKO welcomed all the participants for this General Assembly. Ms. Marvic Ann Debono and Ms. Lea Sdlmr presidents of FIMCAP also welcomed to the participants and ask the representatives of member organisation to take part actively in this general Assembly.








During the General Assembly participants also took part on study session focused on Children’s Rights. In a small group delegates also took part in different workshops like Inclusion, Children and peace, child labour, Youth Participation and empowerment, best interests of the child. All the participants also shared their views in their different working groups like working group on the structure of FIMCAP, Working group on value transfer, working group on internal communication, working group on external communication.











On 30th November Ms. Liese Vandenheede of Chiro Belgium and Ms. Annette Wahle of KJG Germany got elected as Presidents of FIMCAP. Mr. Ravi Rounak Robin and Fr. Gregory Monteiro represented Indian catholic Youth Movement in this Important General Assembly. Fr. Gregory Monteiro celebrated concluding Mass at Modra Church along with Fr. Ruben Gauci and other priests.




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