Place: Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre, Nagpur Archdiocese
Dates: August 7th to 9th, 2015

Nagpur is a promised land for CBCI Youth Mission. CBCI Youth mission has so many happy memories connected with the place. It date backs to year 2000 when we had the kick start of peace rally started from the Zero mile of Nagpur, Youth Commission’s first Chairman Bishop His Grace Most Rev. Abraham Virathukulangara (Archbishop of Nagpur) has donated 15 acres land for CBCI National Youth Movement. Now another land mark from Nagpur is forming of former ICYM Leaders from 2000 to 2014 NEXCOs have formed ICYM NEXCO’s Alumni in order to support ICYM movement and give back to ICYM which formed them and motivated them. 27 ICYM leaders among them 5 presidents together with First ICYM National Director Fr. Joel Lobo and the first National Youth Lady Animator Sr. Mary Lobo took part in it. Together with ICYM National Office, ICYM first President Mr. Roshan Alexander and his team took lead in coordinating the program. Every one gathered with one thought i.e., “time to give back to ICYM”.

This alumni meet was a fall out of the informal alumni gathering that the 1st NEXCOs batch had in Mumbai in the month of May 2015 in Mumbai. The members present there together with the NYD Fr. Franklin felt that we should come back as a formal Alumni Association to bring our experiences in further enhancing ICYM.

On Day 1, August 8th; Fr. Joel D’Cunha offered the inaugural Mass and prayed for the success of the Alumni meet. The first half of the day was spent in Bonding, Knowing and Communicating. The members spent time in knowing each other, getting updated on the progress each one has made after moving on from NEXCO term.

Fr. Joel presented the Genesis of the youth movement – ‘ICYM’ in helping the members to get a good understanding of the movement and associated aspects.

Alumni had the gracious presence of Archbishop Abraham Viruthukulangara, who blessed the alumni with his words of inspiration.

Roshan Alexander presented an emotional presentation revisiting memories of their journey in ICYM from the year 2000 onwards to the alumni meet in Mumbai, setting the context for onward action plan. Present NYD Fr. Franklin D’Souza in continuation to this presented the ICYM burgeoning video reconnecting each one back to our bond with ICYM.

The members got together in their respective teams to discuss about the challenges faced by ICYM and how we could get together as Alumni Association and contribute in enhancing the movement.

The team visited the ‘Yuva Gram’ site to witness and visualise the possible developments to be made there in making it a reality. The team put in thoughts as to how the Association could be instrumental in initiating and accomplishing the basic structure at Yuva Gram, to empower the Youth Office to establish itself at Yuva Gram, there on mobilising resources in converting the dream of Yuva Gram into a reality.

Alumni spent the rest of the day in putting their minds together in preparing a Vision Mission statement for the Alumni Association. The statement has the following detailed out:

  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Goal
  4. Objectives
  5. Programmes
  6. Activities
  7. Indicators
  8. Structure
  9. Finance

The eventful day came to an end with bidding farewell to Fr. Franklin D’Souza and welcoming Fr. Deepak to his new office. The youth expressed their gratitude and sentiments for the tireless services of Fr. Franklin, for his enthusiasm, motivation, love and spiritual leadership. Fr. Joel felicitated Fr. Franklin and presented the memento on behalf of the youth.

The team welcomed Fr. Deepak KJ ThomasOCD, with full gusto to come forward and take up as the National Youth Director for ICYM. The team promised him of their support in every possible way to elevate ICYM to greater heights. Sr. Mary Lobo, felicitated Fr. Deepak and welcomed him warmly.

On Day 2, August 9th; The day began by revisiting the previous day.

The members shared their experiences of the journey in ICYM, of:

  1. How was I before ICYM?
  2. What is the change ICYM brought in my life?
  3. How have I converted the inspiration into action point

Following this we had discussions on the following points

  1. Programs to be undertaken and role of Alumni
  2. Current programs of ICYM and how NEXCO can be merged in the current programs
  3. Challenges at Regional and Diocese level that need to be addressed prior to launch of programs e.g. membership drive
  4. Apna Yuva Spandan:
    1. How do we go about improving the contribution of articles?
    2. AYS a publicity tool for ICYM and importance of print media,
    3. To improve circulation of AYS to Diocesan youth presidents to begin with.

Following this intervention, the Convenor committee of all ICYM presidents met to chalk out the programs that Alumni will support.

The program ended with Vote of Thanks.

Next Alumni Meet: Date: 29th& 30th May 2016

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