2 February, Tuesday: The REXCO Training 2016 was organised at St. Joseph Vaz Retreat Centre, Old Goa, from February 2 onwards. REXCOs from nine regions participated in this training programme. Mr. Roshan Alexander (First ICYM President), Mr. Amith Prabhu (First ICYM Spokesperson) and Mrs. Michelle (Third batch ICYM Spokesperson) were the resource persons.

Evening at 7 pmFr. Deepak Thomas KJ, NYD, celebrated the Holy Eucharist. In his homily, Fr. Deepak preached on overcoming the murky situations in life and rising up beautiful and pure like a lotus in a muddy pond which even though grows in the filth doesn’t carry a single stain of dirt or dust on it. After the supper, an icebreaking session for REXCOs was organised and conducted by Mr. Roshan Alexander, Former ICYM President.














3 February, Wednesday
The day started with Morning Prayer conducted by Odisha Region. Fr. Deepak celebrated the Holy Eucharist, which was organised by Western &Chaththisgarh region. After the breakfast, Mr. Roshan Alexander coordinated the inaugural session, wherein regions were given the handmade I cards, prepared by the Youth of Goa which had the message of Pope Francis’ love for nature as its theme with seeds stapled on the back of the cards as the souvenir to participants. Thereafter four activities of knowing each other were conducted. Mr. Roshan shared the experience and journey of the first ICYM Nexco team. Mr. Amith Prabhu took the next session in which he briefed the REXCOs about ICYM Structure through the Memorandum. Chaththisgarh Region conducted the midday prayer.


















The next session was sharing by the regional representatives. The sharing was based on the questions: How ICYM has helped you, How/what, you can give to ICYM and suggestions to improve the current working structure. The representatives had various points to share and some of the things are as listed below:

  • It has helped many to make a transition from village to city.
  • ICYM is a platform that helps the youth to grow individually.
  • ICYM has proved itself consistently brilliant.
  • Many have gained/experienced spiritual touch through ICYM. It is rooted in Gospel values and champions for the cause of Christian youth.
  • It helps in networking, personality development and uplifting the darker side of society.Walking with ICYM is like walking with Christ.
  • It is blessed with service-minded people, nurtures good leaders, improves communication skills and is a platform given to the youth to learn to be leaders.

Afterwards Mr. Roshan narrated a story on how even a small step can make a huge difference in one’s life.It was followed by a session by Ms. Michelle and Mr. Amith on Communication and Documentation based on following strategies:

G- Good Practice
R- Recording for preference
E- Effectively execute
A- Accuracy for management
T- Transparency

Planning a PR campaign…Planning Life…
S- Situation- where we are?
O- Objective- where do we want to go?
S- Strategy- how do we get there?
T- Tactics- what do we need to do to get there?
AC- Action and Control- What happens after we get there and what if we don’t?

The Basic Power of communications!
B- Builds Leaders (writing, reading and listening)
A- Amplifies opportunities
S- Strengthens relationships
I- Improves our Life
C- Creates Consensus

Personal branding the SMART way!
S- Unleashing the power of Social
M- Optimising Magnanimity (Volunteer, Mentor, Donate)
A- Being Agile
R- Protecting Reputation (Take a stand, Share beliefs, Be credible)
T- Managing Time (Punctuality, Promptness)
The evening Rosary (Jericho Rosary) was conducted by Northern and Kerala
























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