February 4, 2016: The Morning prayer was conducted by UP region. Fr. SavioD’Souza, DYD Goa Archdiocese celebrated the Holy Eucharist,which was organised by Karnataka and Telugu region. Fr. Savio in his homily talked about having faith in God. After breakfast, Mr. Roshan Alexander started with the first session for the day on Transforming Self.







He discussed about the stages of personal growth in a person’s life, which had the following stages in one’s life: Dependence, Independence and Interdependence. He also said that there is no quick fix for personal growth.

He then briefed on Principle centred paradigm:
Seven Habbits:
1. Be proactive (control over emotions).
2. Begin with the end in mind.
3. Put First things First.
4. Think Win-Win.
5. Seek first to understand than to be understood.
7. Accepting the journey of endless growth.
8. Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs (ICYM Special)

After lunch, a debate session was conducted and the participants were familiarised to different aspects of debating and were encouraged to have a healthy debate session.











After the tea, Youth Walk was arranged for the Youth based on four aspects; Trust, Faith, Perseverance and Teamwork. This session was specially appreciated by the Youth as they got the chance to share and listen to others experience. The final theme of Youth Walk was Surrender and it finished with Taize. Confessions were also arranged for the Youth.

After dinner participants, in group organised and performed bible skits. There was an evaluation of the day after which everyone departed to their rooms.







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