Report by: Fr. Ronald Veigas (DYD, Shimoga)


“Education: On the way towards new Civilization”

World Youth Parliament (WYP) on the theme “Education: On the way towards new Civilization” at Bangkok in Thailand from 21st Oct, 2012 to 27th Oct, 2012. God has created human beings in His own image and likeness (Gen 1:27) and endowed him with freedom and will. All that we are and we have is God’s gift to us. Sin and selfishness has snatched way this great gift of God to us. In the very words of Fernando Rielo “The degradation by man himself of the royal heritage of his personality brings on the consequences of the ballast of humanity that has lost its own direction. This is the situation which, general terms, the human being is enduring with the society he has constituted. Therefore our mission, he says “united in our intention, in our desire and in our deeds….is to restore the highest values that have been snatched away from human beings themselves”. His dream was that the voice of the young people, free of prejudice and self interest, might be heard worldwide, and thus brings a decisive contribution towards the fundamental issues of social and spiritual life.

The think tank, vision of the young is the bank on which the WYP swung
The five day long convention of the worldwide young enabled them to put together their views and aspirations on personal level and in general as well. Within the framework  of the WYP 2012-2014 programme, through reflection and personal experience, together with research on the topic “Education: On the way towards a new civilization”, the convention began compiling the vision that young people, from various places especially from Spain, Philippines, Chili, Thailand and India, have of the society of which they live and partake. The 49 youth of different countries and destinations had one destiny and determination to travel that is establishing a just and renewed society.
The criterion to attain this objective the means chosen was an open discussion with relevant questions which facilitated to gather the views based on the experiences the young face on the positive and negative realities that they have observed. With the purpose of achieving a general view of education from the definition of person as a being open to transcendence, with an origin, destiny and aspiration discussions were conducted on the different areas of relationship of the person as already been indicated by the magna Carta prepared for the purpose.

Young of the world as leaven in the dough
The young from 6 different countries participated in the open discussions and deliberations with a true interest in building together a new society without experiencing any form of discrimination based on caste, culture, social or religious differences. Among the participants there were Buddhists, Protestants and Catholics. In doing so, we indeed look forward that the World Youth Parliament could develop a variety of initiatives directed to other audiences with the intention of raising awareness and personal commitment. In this way, children, adolescents, and adults could collaborate with the WYP in uniting their voices and supporting said principles, by also applying them to their lives.

Education is a pivotal principle in building a new society. The main theme of the World Youth Parliament 2012-2014, “Education: On the way towards a new civilization”, poses a passionate challenge to all young people who seek to give unity, direction, and meaning to their personal and social lives, with a projection to the future of a world that should be better than what it is, in which education must be considered the integral, physical, psychological and spiritual development of a person.






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