March 24, 2014 at 3pm 37th ICYM National Council organised farewell to its National Executive Committee members of 2012 -2014. ICYM Chairman Archbishop Leo Cornelio chaired the session. ICYM National Youth Director led this program with a prayer. Fr. Franklin individually thanked services of the NEXCO 2012-2014. Archbishop Leo Cornelio felicitated the NEXCO’s with a shawl and memento. Each NEXCO member spoke their experiences and handed over the charge to their successors. Archbishop Leo in his address thanked the services of NEXCO 2012-2014. Archbishop told that Ms. Olima Minj and her team really worked hard and they have done very well in their tenure. He also appreciated the spiritual dimension that Fr. Franklin D’Souza brought in the movement is really a blessing to the youth. Mr. Neelam Suresh Rao thanked the council members and NEXCO’s and he asked their prayers and support as new ICYM National President.





























































































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