8th May 2014


Your Eminence/Grace/Excellency,

In the process of Re-structuring the CBCI Offices and Re-organising the CBCI Centre, the Offices for Laity, Women and Youth assume a new structure and a new face. The routine activities and the formation aspect of these three Offices will be taken care of by the Ritual Churches, whereas, those matters of national character and supra-ritual nature will be taken care of by the CBCI Councils, each headed by a Chairman-Bishop and other two Member-Bishops, each belonging to the *sui juris* Churches.

These proposals were discussed in the CBCI Plenary and approved by the subsequent Standing Committee. Thus:

*Council for Laity:*

Chairman        :     Most Rev. Mathew Mar Arackal
Members         :     1. Most Rev. Joshua Mar Ignathios
                      2. Most Rev. Gerald John Mathias

*Council for Women:*

Chairman        :     Most Rev. Barnabas Mar Jacob
Members         :     1. Most Rev. Mathew Mar Arackal
                      2. Most Rev. Edwin Colaco

*Council for Youth:*

Chairman        :     Most Rev. Henry D’Souza
Members         :     1. Most Rev. Vincent Mar Paulos
                      2. Most Rev. Pandarassery Mar Joseph

The new Councils come into existence with immediate effect.

With kind regards and good wishes,

Yours Sincerely,

V Albert D’Souza,
Archbishop of Agra & Secretary General, CBCI




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