May 15th delegates gathered at 7pm at Chapel for the Morning Prayer. Fr. Franklin D’Souza led the prayer. At 9 am Fr. Franklin took a session on ‘You are called to do ministry and not a job in the youth mission’. He explained difference between ‘Job’ and ‘Ministry’. As ICYM National leaders at CBCI level you are invited by Jesus to do the Ministry. There is real joy in the ministry and it is a call from Jesus. At 9.30am ICYM burgeoning documentary was shown to the delegates to understand the richness of CBCI National Youth Movement.







At 9.45am to 1pm YCS/YSM National Chaplain Fr. Charles Menezes took two sessions on ‘Restructuring the life story’. He started his session with some creative activities. He made the participants to reflect their roots and connect it to present life. He said that everyone grows with external as well as internal influences. He also said that as you are going to serve for two years together, you should be able to know each other, understand each other. He said this restructuring story will help you to serve better in National scenario. Participants shared their life stories in smaller groups.










At 2pm Fr. Franklin D’Souza, continued the session on ‘Restructuring the life story’. He stressed on Five points; Perception, Thinking, Emotions, Attitude and Behaviour. With various inspirational video’s he inspired the participants to be positive in life. After the Tea break at 5pm Delhi Minority Commission member Mr. Abraham M. Pattiyani shared his testimony as youth office bearer in Kerala State. He said that National Youth Movement gives us greater opportunity to work as missionaries. He expressed his desire to be part of ICYM always and support the youth in building up their leadership.

At 7pm Fr. Rajesh Mathew celebrated Mass and preached on ‘we are called to serve and to witness the Lord’. He said that a missionary is sent to proclaim good news. You should become good news to other young people. After supper at 9pm Mr. Prashanth D’Souza explained about the ‘National Youth Directory’. He said that this directory is prepared as the face lift of the CBCI National Youth Movement. Mr. Naresh Robert  led the group in to prayer.




















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