June 6, 2014: Sixth day of C.A.T began with Holy Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Eric from Bijhan Region. Theme of the day was ‘Discipleship’. Fr. Aravind from West Bengal region preached a very meaningful sermon on the ‘Love’ aspect in the Johanine Gospel.












At 9am Mr. Mario Joseph from Divine Retreat Centre, Kerala took a very meaningful and interactive session. In his talk he explained ‘failure to success’. He started with what is failure and reasons for failure. How can once knowledge be deceptible? Hence he told how we have to rely on God’s wisdom. His talk he proved with various real incidents. At 11 am he continued his talk on ‘I am a creation of God’. In his creation how we should witness Christ? What is the role of Man and a woman? What are their merits and strengths? He dealt with various examples to prove what he was talking. At the end he said youth minister should experience Christ and should have a deeper experience of Lord Jesus.

After the lunch all the delegates went out for exposure program.











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