June 7, 2014: Seventh day of C.A.T began with Holy Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Nirmal from Madhya Pradesh Region. Theme of the day was ‘Perseverance’. Fr. Varghese Rozario from Tamilnadu Region preached a very meaningful sermon on “Perseverance’.











At 9am Mr. Mario Joseph from Divine Retreat Centre, Kerala took a very meaningful and interactive session on ‘Select your goal and unlock your hidden potentialities’. He said Prejudice mind blocks us in bringing out our creativity. He also said that in hidden potentialities the most hidden potentiality is FAITH and BELIEF. Faith is True whether you believe or not. And belief is true for those who believe. Whatever you believe it happens. We human beings has power that what we believe it will happen. Believe that you can change and it happens. He also shared his Christ Experience with the participants











At 11am session he continued his sharing on SUCCESS. He explained with each alphabet has a meaning Select your goal, Unlock your hidden potentialities, Chart your time, Commitment & Confidence, Expect problems, Stand firm in your decision and Surrender your life to God. He also explained that there are five wrong spirits which brings failure. They are; Faithlessness, Not understanding and not asking for help Egoism, Spirit of groupism and Spirit of destruction. If we overcome this we will be successful in our mission. On behalf of group Fr. Mathew from Kerala thanked Mario Joseph.











At 3pm Captain Jaison Thomas from Indore started his session on ‘Team building and Creative Leadership”. He gave various practical methods how to build leadership and a team. Different type of group activities he took which inspired the delegates. He made the participants to believe in themselves, overcome weaknesses, develop personality and enthuse self confidence. His session also highlighted how to face the situation and tips to overcome them.

At 9pm delegates performed individual talents. Then the groups sat together for next days preparations. Fr. Franklin concluded the day with a prayer.



















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