June 9, 2014: Ninth day of C.A.T began with Holy Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Vinay DYD from the Archdiocese of Hyderabad. Theme of the day was ‘Beatitude’. Fr. John Bosco preached on how youth experience these beatitudes in life. He said that during Jesus time people had no peace and he gave a new meaning for life by preaching these beatitudes. He also explained by following these beatitudes we are called to be a Prophet, a prophet of Hope.










At 9am Mr. Colin Calmiano took a session on ‘The Call to Evangelise’. The main objective of this session were; The Vocation of the Church is to Evangelise, The need to form and train laity, the need for multiplication. He explained with the great commission given by Jesus in Matt 28:18-20. He quoted form EN # 18 “for Church evangelizing means bringing the Good News in to all the strata of humanity, and through its influence transforming humanity from within and making it new”. RM # 86 “The missionary task must remain the foremost task”. For Animators he cautioned that saying; Don’t spend all your energies in execution of programs, Train and engage the lay people to execute the program, in the next five years...you should multiply yourselves.















At 11 am he Colin took a session on “Being a good steward”. In this he explained; How to be a good steward of all that God had given us and how to manage our finances in ministry. He said that God is owner and we are stewards. Speaking about money he said that; our money should be managed wisely, invested carefully, spent cautiously and shared joyfully.













At 3pm ICYM National Youth Director Fr. Franklin D’Souza took a session on “Paradigms of Human Relation”. He said WIN – WIN policy we should adapt in our lives. It was a group activity session. Honesty, Trust still matters. We need to pull others to come up in life. this session brought internal realization among the delegates. Evaluation of the group discussion also edified the delegates.

At 5pm Fr. Franklin, moderated the ‘Experience sharing by ICYM National Youth Volunteers and NEXCO. ICYM National President Mr. Suresh Neelam Rao, ICYM General Secretary Mary Jemcy, Treasurer Mr. James and Joint Treasurer Ms. Julia Joseph, Spokes person Mr. Cosmos Toppo, Mr. Praveen, Mr. Prashanth and Mr. Solomon from Kolkota shared their testimonies or life experiences.



















At 7.30pm Fr. Franklin conducted thanksgiving adoration. At 9 pm CAT friends revealing program was organised by NEXCO. Fr. Franklin concluded the day with a prayer.





















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