July 12 & 13th, ICYM National Youth Director Fr. Franklin D’Souza preached a youth retreat at SADBHAVANA – OKLHA, Delhi. This retreat was organised for the Dilshad Garden youth by the youth themselves. Mr. Mathew, Ms. Bernadine and ICYM youth President of Parish Mr. Suben took the lead. Mr. Ashis helped in the music.









Retreat began on Friday 11th evening. Fr. Franklin Preached on Sin and repentance on 12th at 11 am to 1pm. After the lunch from 2pm to 4pm confessions, as well as counselling was organised for the youth. At 4.45 Pm Mario Joseph’s testimony was played. At 5. 30 pm Fr. Franklin celebrated the holy mass and led the youth in Inner healing session.

On 13th at 7am Fr. Franklin and Fr. Varghese celebrated the Holy Mass. Fr. Franklin preached a homily on ‘Life is precious gift of God’. He explained how modern day life is attacked and youth should be cautious in making such decision i.e., abortion, euthanasia and other evils. He said Church never allows us to go against the Divine Law. We have to obey God not human laws. At 10 am he took session on Holy Spirit and at 11.30am he conducted the Anointing Session. Youth were filled with the fire of Holy Spirit. Youth President Mr. Suben thanked Fr. Franklin for preaching a meaningful retreat for the Youth.
























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