September 16th 2014: 38th National Council meeting began at 11.30am ICYM President Neelam Suresh Rao took the Quoram. Bishop Vincent in his address said that let this council be fruitful one with the help of the Holy Spirit. ICYM General Secretary Ms. Mary Jemcy read the minutes of the 36th and 37th National Council. After which Fr. Franklin gave information about the restructuring and the present scenario of the CBCI Council for Youth and ICYM/YAF home. He also informed the house about the programs from the National Youth Office. Main agendas were Yuvagram, Apna Yuva Spandhan, and Corpus fund. Main topic for the discussion was about utilizing 15 acres of land of Yuva Gram. From 13 Regions council members were present. There was strong opinion for the National Youth Centre at Yuvagram, Nagpur.

















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