Updated at 1.00 pm on 10-10-2013

10th October, 2013, Jalandhar: All the Delegates gathered here in Jalandhar for the IX National Youth Convention discussed various topics of the ongoing Convention in small groups in the classrooms of  the Trinity College on 10th October 2013.

On the 6th day of the ongoing IX National Convention, the Youth delegates and the Fathers and Sisters from all over India got into small groups to discuss on the various themes presented to each group.

There were six main topics: 1. Youth and Faith, 2. Youth and Society, 3. Youth and Relationship, 4.

Animating Youth: A Challenge and an opportunity, 5. Youth and Holistic Development and 6. Youth and Media. The 1200 delegates from all over India were divided into 25 small groups. All the delegates got into their groups and discussed the topics with a moderator for each group.

“The group discussion helped the delegates to become aware of the existing challenges and find ways to fight them,” said one delegate from the MP Region.
At the end of the discussion, each group presented a report on their group discussion.





































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