June 1st 2015: The day started with Morning Prayer at 6:45 am by Group 1 led by Fr. Deepak followed by Holy Mass. Main celebrant was Fr. Franklin NYD and concelebrants were Fr. Asit Lakra and Fr. Jiju Thuruthikkara. Fr. Franklin in his homily preached about over coming tribulations in one’s life and the difference between Ministry and Job and that God has assigned us with Ministry and not a Job.







After breakfast Sr. Hemanti animated the action songs for the group which was followed by the creative news presentation by the assigned group. Thereafter Fr. Franklin took sessions on; “Self esteem”, “For effective Youth Ministry - Know Your Movement” and “ICYM - Youth Ministry Opportunities and Challenges”. Fr. Franklin presented the ICYM Burgeoning Flash video and briefed about the ICYM in general, its directory and memorandum and Taize echoes book. Father concluded with a three pointer note:

1.    Generate Enthusiasm
2.    Operate to Your Potential
3.    Destroy Negative Attitude

He said it will help us to follow GOD’s will and plan for us. The group parted for lunch at 1 pm after the afternoon prayer.







Post lunch Sr. Hemanti and Fr. Franklin animated action songs for the group.

Mr. Mario Joseph from DRC Kerala, conducted the session on “Why I am A Catholic? My Identity and My Mission”. Mr. Mario emphasized on the urgency of the need to reach out to other sections of the society as well. He explained and gave a concise synopsis of the religions in the world as a background to his sessions and the mission of a true Christian, a true follower of Christ. A very energetic and knowledgeable session was conducted by Mr. Mario which left all wondering as to what exactly are they Catholics for and why evangelization is needed and how it can be done successfully.







The evening prayer was conducted by the assigned group followed by supper.

The evening session was a sharing session by the Animators as to what are their dreams for the youth and their future plans for the ministry. It was a nice sharing session with the animators expressing their concerns for the youth and the fields in which they would like to be of help and assist and guide the youth.

Another fruitful day came to an end with evaluation of the day from each of the four groups and Fr. Franklin giving his reviews about the day.








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