June 3rd 2015: Day 4 started with Morning Prayer at 6:45 am followed by Holy Mass concelebrated by Fr. Neslon, Fr. Utpaul and Fr. Noas. Fr. Nelson in his homily preached about the need to sanctify ourselves in order to carry forward our mission of evangelization. After the breakfast the assigned group conducted action songs and Fr. Charles conducted a game for the participants.


The first session for the day was conducted by Mr. Leonard Bernard who is and has been coordinating Career Advancement Program in KROSS and has a decade of experience in coaching and guiding students for Civil Services. He conducted the session on “Social Change through services: Empowering value based leaders for nation building” through PowerPoint presentation giving examples of prominent and honest and value based leaderships of IAS officers. He explained the basics of Civil Service Exams and explained the exam pattern also. He explained the power in the hands of IAS officers who play crucial roles in drafting bills which get passed as acts and laws. He emphasized on the need to have our youth in the Bureaucracy which will benefit the community and society keeping in view the present scenario. He further said to be a Civil Servant one doesn’t need high end intelligence but 3D i.e. strong Desire, strong Decision, and strong Determination.







After the tea break, Fr. Divya Paul took a session on Youth Psychology and Pastoral Counseling. He in his session addressed the four questions which generally bug the adolescents and youth i.e. i) who am I? ii) Whom do I belong to? iii) Where do I go? and iv) Ideology. He explained about Pastoral Counseling as a unique form of psychotherapist which uses spiritual resources as well as psychological understanding for healing and growth. He further on said we become what the most significant person in our life believes what we are. And if that most significant place is given to God we will become what he has planned for us. He explained six points which would help in understanding the youth better-

1. Self-understanding
2. Communication   
3. Learning and behavior change
4. Self-actualization
5. Support
6. Spiritual wellness.

After the lunch YCS/YSM National Chaplain Fr. Charles Menezes took a session on Call, Vision and Mission. He explained about the need to bear lasting fruit which can be achieved only through lasting vision. Our experience leads to Awareness which leads to Reflection which leads to Conviction which leads to Forming a Vision. Vision emerges from deep and holistic experience. He thereafter made everyone draft a vision statement, goals, policies and methods. He concluded with the statement that “A Vision centered mission shall bear lasting fruit”.







After the tea break Mr. Leo Joseph took a session on cell meeting and its method, as to how to conduct it. A model cell meeting was performed for the participants to get a better idea about the cell meetings. It was a good session very well conducted by Mr. Leo.

After the supper the cultural program was conducted. All the groups performed very well and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The day ended with the evaluation by participants of another fruitful day.















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