June 6th 2015:The Morning Prayer was conducted by Fr. Nelson at 6:45 am. The Holy Mass was concelebrated by Fr. Moses, Fr. Rinoj and Fr. Utpaul. Fr. Deepak in the homily asked the participants to share their Emmaus experience and gave a reflection on the same, how god’s presence is there in our life. After the breakfast action songs were animated by the assigned group and creative news was presented by the assigned group.







The first and second session were conducted by Fr. Chetan Machado DYD of Delhi Archdiocese and RYD of Northern Region on “Empowering Youth to be Critical Media Consumers”. With a practical demonstration and through Power Point he explained how the advertisements affect the youth. The critical approach is lacking and the youth falls for the exaggeration and puffery in the advertisements. Therefore it is necessary to develop the critical approach among the youth.







After the lunch Fr. Franklin took a very effective session on “Paradigms of Human Relations” through an activity. Through the session he made clear that win-win attitude is necessary to have a successful youth ministry and life.







After the tea break there was a sharing session by the NEXCO’S and volunteers. Ms. Jovita D’Souza Ex Regional VP, Karnataka Region, James D’Souza National Youth Treasurer, ICYM, Mr. Neelam Suresh Rao National Youth President, ICYM, Ms. Julia Joseph National Youth Treasurer II, ICYM, Ms. Mary Jemcy National Youth General Secretary, ICYM, Mr. Prashanth D’Souza, National Projects and Programs Coordinator and Mr. Leo D’Rozario, National Secretary IV shared their experiences in the youth ministry. It was a very nice session with the young people pouring their hearts out.







After the supper the campfire followed. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all. All had a nice memorable time. Another fruitful day came to an end and all retired to their rooms.


















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