The day started with Morning Prayer by the assigned group at 6:45 am. The Holy Mass was concelebrated by Fr. Chetan Machado, RYD of Northern region along with Fr. Franklin D’Souza and Fr. Charles Menenzes. Fr. Chetan Machado in his homily preached about the Holy Eucharist, the body and blood of Christ. Then he asked everyone to share their Eucharistic experience in groups.




The first session was taken by Fr. Elias Moses, Executive Secretary, CCBI Youth Commission on “Faith Formation and Its Pastoral Implication”. Youth today wants Adventure and Encounter. They are troubled now. Being you is what is most important. One doesn’t have to perform to be accepted. Just be yourself.





Fr. Charles Menezes took the next session on “Animator and his Role”. It was a wonderful session wherein he emphasized the characters of a good animator.  After the lunch Mr. Colin Calmiano took two sessions on Christian Leadership/Good Stewardship and “Evangelization- Christian Youth: Called to be the witnesses of Christ”.

Chairman Bishop Henry came at 6:30 pm and addressed the gathering. After the supper all came together for the disclosure of CAT Friends. It was a fun filled session with everyone enjoying a lot. After the evaluation all departed to their rooms.

































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