There was a jubilation and celebration in the air of Thirthahalli as the youth of various parishes of the Diocese of Shimoga came together on 26th April 2015 for a day’s convention with the theme “Santhara Aadarsha – Yesuvina Sparsha” –  The Life of saints to experience Jesus. The Convention was inaugurated by Mr. Kimmane Ratnakar the primary and secondary Education Minister of the Government of Karnataka. In his address he appealed the students to deem life as a gift of God and make this gift meaningful by adhering to the values of life. Fr. Ronald D’Souza the Youth Director of the diocese of Mangalore in his speech stressed the need of guidance today. He said each of us needs to have an aim in life and a Guru to lead towards that aim. ICYM and YCS/YSM are the movements which help the young today to realize this purpose.






Fr. Richard D’Souza the director of Canara Communication Center Mangalore in his presidential address said Youth are future and strength of the society. He called upon the youth community to be united in spirit and truth and be awakened to the realities of life and situation of today. He also warned them not to be lured by the temporary and temporal of the world. The other guests on the dais were Mr. Soppugudde Raghavendra the president of Town Panchayat, Thirhahalli, Mr. P.C Sathis Shetty, Member of Town Panchayath, Thirthahalli. Mrs. Geena Victor D’Souza the former president of Town Panchayath, Thirthahalli,Sr. Nympha D’Souza the diocesan lady animator, Sr. Maria the ICYM animator of Thirthahalli unit, A. J Baretto the Parish Council Secretary, Alwyn the DYP of Shimoga, Jovita D’Souza ICYM Regional Vice-President, Monisha Lopez, ICYM Regional General Secretary, Nikil Joseph  the YCS President of Shimoga, Francis Crasta the ICYM president of Thirthahalli.  Fr. Ronald Veigas the diocesan youth director thanked all the dignitaries and guests of the day.






The convention had three major thrusts
1. The problems of youth today and the questions they pose – the Youth Café was conducted by Fr. Ronald D’Souza, Fr. Richard D’Souza and their team dealt with the theme to dive in to the awareness of the situation and find solution. Viyon Veigas the ICYM Regional Rep and Jovita D’Souza ICYM regional Vice-president and ICYM DEXCO of the diocese accompanied the team in the process.

2. The Life of saints to experience Jesus – Youth Pilgrimage was conducted with four stalls having the life history of the saints 1. Mother Theresa 2. Gonsalo Garcia 3. John de Britto 4. Francis Xavier and Joseph Vas. The young had a prayerful walk to all the stalls and made a study of the inspiring life of the heroes of faith.

3. Inter Religious Dialogue – this was the culmination of the convention where the young were drown towards the ideology that all are children of the same Father we call God. Inter religious Harmony, Peace and amicable habitation is the need of the hour today.

The three major speakers were:

1. Dr. L. R Sudhakar KAS

2. Maulana Haidharali Kamil Nizami and

3. Fr. Veeresh Moras.

Most. Rev. Dr. Francis Serrao SJ the Bishop of the diocese of Shimoga and Chairman of the Youth Commission of the Diocese of Shimoga was the president of the Program.






All the three speakers stressed the need of respecting each other and living in harmony. Dr. L. R Sudhakar who has been a stanch proponent of Inter Religious Peace and Harmony remembered his own Guru and father who started an Ashram at Basavapattana, Davanagere Dt and named it Punyasthala. Dr. Sudhakar who believes in the teachings and values of Dalai Lama appealed the people to be lovers of Peace and disseminate the same around them.  Maulna Haidharali Nizami in his speech said Islam propagates Peace and mutual respect. He remembered the saints of other religions like Mother Theresa, Gautama Buddha who worked for humanity and human soliderarity.

Fr. Veeresh Moras applauded the ICYM for organizing such an event in the land of a prophet Kuvempu, a universal proponent of peace. He said the world is divided by unhealthy minds who spread evil thoughts and divisive ideologies with ulterior motives. He further said all the Scriptures and Religions speak of universal brotherhood and love, Love of self and love of neighbor. He called upon the people and young to pay heed to the values of all the religions which uphold peace harmony and brotherhood. Most Rev Francis Serrao SJ in his presidential speech reiterated the importance of Peace within and outside of us. He explained the meaning of Dharma the religion, Adhytmikatha the Spirituality and the importance of relationship between the two. He thanked the ICYM for organizing such a needful program and blessed them. Mr. Alwyn the President of ICYM thanked all the dignitaries and all who were part of this program. There was a cultural fest after this program.







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