November 23 - 30, 2014: ICYM National Office organised 7 days Christo Centric Leadership Programme/Retreat at Universal Solidarity Movement (USM), Value Education for Life Centre, Indore. Fr. Varghese Alengaden received the participants with warm welcome. 

Program began on 23rd 5pm with introducing one another. Fr. Varghese then led the group to watch and reflect over Movie “Jesus of Nazareth”Nov. 24 & 25th Two days he led the group to make a pilgrimage with Jesus through Gospel teaching. This was very enlightening. He made the participants to understand the vision of Jesus and how he prepared for the mission and dedicated himself to his vision. On Nov. 25th noon Fr. Varghese Alengaden took two sessions on “Analysis of the missionary context of Church in India: Challenges and solutions”. On Nov. 26th we had sessions by Fr. Alengaden on “Call, Vision and Mission for effective mission”, “Crisis management in realizing the vision and mission of one’s call”, “Heritage of pluralistic spirituality”, “An experiment in pluralistic spirituality: Jesus spirituality and methodology Expanded youth of other faith”.

















On Nov. 27th we are enlightened with “Miracle of possibility thinking”, “Principles of Vision formulation”. We were asked to write down our vision in life, objectives as well as policies. After lunch Fr. Jacob took two sessions on “Liberation from religiosity to spirituality through film ‘Dharam'. On Nov. 28th Fr. Alengaden took four sessions on “vision, goals, team work, focus and targets through a film session ‘Goal'. On Nov. 29th we had session on “passion for vision through film ‘Bhagatsingh’. After noon we had session on “strategies of fundamentalists through film ‘Dev’”. On Nov. 30th every one presented the personal reports on seven days sessions as well as live - inn experience at in USM. After this each one read out their personal vision, objectives as well as policies. Fr. Varghese Alengaden distributed certificates of participation for the participants. Day started with Holy mass at 7.15am and a Universal Solidarity prayer for peace at 8.45am. Everyone was given chance to evaluate in writing every day.








USM showed us what we can preach also practice in our lives. USM challenged us and woke us up from our slumber. Without clear vision life will be full of confusion and contradiction. We cannot leave with mask and ask God to help us when God has given us time, life and this world. What matters is not the religiosity (Only rituals) but real spirituality (kingdom values). USM is an inter religious centre all are welcomed here any hour of the day. USM has conducted 230 residential training programmes for nearly 4000 youth/animators. USM is a consciousness of the Society of India today. USM has its own unique life style which is Lord Jesus’ style of relating with people.

“Instead of blaming the darkness, light a candle”.









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