March 23, 2013 Fr. Franklin D’Souza, Secretary for CBCI Office for Youth – ICYM conducted one day retreat at St. Andrews Parish, Choolai – Archdiocese of Madras – Mylapore. Retreat began at 10 am Praise and Worship conducted by AMNOS group of Chennai. First Talk was on “Repent and Believe” Luke 15:1-10. After the lunch Fr Franklin prepared the people for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  2.30pm confessions were organized. 3.30pm Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr Franklin. Retreat concluded at 4.30pm. Fr. Britto the Parish Priest thanked the Team.











Lenten Retreat at St. Theresa’s Church, Nungabakam, Chennai

March 23rd to 25th Fr. Franklin D’Souza Secretary for CBCI Office for Youth – ICYM conducted three days Lenten retreat at St. Theresa’s Church Nungabaakam, Chennai. Praise and Worship was done by AMNOS group from Chennai. On 23rd Retreat was from 6 to 9pm. Fr. Franklin preached on “Physical as well as Spiritual blindness” passage from Luke 18:35 -19:10 was explained. Later holy Eucharist as well as healing adoration was conducted.











On 24th PALM Sunday, Fr Franklin conducted three services in English and preached at 9am, 12pm and at 6.30pm. He explained the passion narrative of Jesus also connected it to the suffering in Christian life. He said that the passion narrative shows the compassionate love of God for the Humanity. At 6.30 pm mass Fr Franklin exposed the Blessed Sacrament and prayed for the healing of the people.

On 24th from 6pm to 9pm AMNOS led the faithful in to Praise and Worship, and then Fr Franklin preached on John 4: 4-26 about the “LIVING WATERS”. This was concluded with Holy Eucharist and Anointing Adoration. Parish Priest Fr. Lawrence Raj thanked Fr. Franklin; Ms. Miram and AMNOS tea Ms. Martina & Mr. Rajeev. He also thanked Mr. Jeevan who helped in organizing this retreat.





















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