Lucknow, July 05, 2011: A total of 117 youth from different parishes attended a summer camp organized at St Paul’s School, Lucknow from June 20-23.

Diocesan youth director of Lucknow diocese, Father Elias Cardoza brought school and college students and some working youth in the state capital together.

The sessions on Divine Mercy was held on the inaugural day by Father Ignatius. But it was not all work and no play. Singing and skit competitions followed. The camp came to life and reverberated with music as the youth came out with their hidden talents in music and drama enactment.

To make things a little systematic and organized, the youth were divided into groups and thrust responsibility of different tasks. The energetic and enthusiastic youth took the lead in helping prepare the Eucharist, meals, arranging sound system, and other chores.

The young people paid heed to the sessions given by Sister Edleburgh B.S., National youth coordinator of ICYM, and Solomon Gomes, ICYM National spokesperson. The two resource persons geared up the gathering for the session on Empowering Youth on the second day.

The evening was designed for the Taize prayer. The assigned group decorated the altar in orange giving light effects and brick window with candles in between. They created a scenario of Taize prayer hall.

The session on leadership followed next. The youth felt the need of such a session as it explained to them the role of a leader, his commitment and his leadership quality.

After the session, every individual realized the importance of a leader in leading a family, society, church, nation and oneself on the right path.

The youth and sisters collaborated together and set up the evening with prayer, adoration and the sacrament of reconciliation.

Then it was fun time as a campfire was arranged after dinner.

The ten youth leaders from each group stood around the bonfire and Father Elias lit the torch. That signaled the beginning of fun and frolic.

On the last day of the summer camp, Bishop Gerald Mathius celebrated the Eucharist in the morning. In his message, he explained the importance of the youth in today’s world. His powerful words inspired all the young people.

The last session for the day was devoted to team work. Slides and small films on team work and how to work as a team made the day very significant.

All of them sat in groups and put together their expectations, obstacles and their contributions to the parish in order to help it function properly.

Source: Solomon Gomes, ICYM national spokesperson


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