Regional council meeting was held at Dishari, Baruipur Diocese from 13th to 15th April 2013. The council meeting started with arrival and followed by inaugural ceremony and welcome dance from Baruipur diocese. After the welcome dance the lighting of the lamps from the blessed hands of Bp. Cyprian Monis Chairman of Regional Youth Commission, West Bengal and Sikkim, Fr. Gregory Montero RYD, Fr. Indrajit Sardar DYD of Baruipur, Mr. Subhankar RYP & Mr. Aritra Sen RYR .The  Bible procession was commenced by Fr. William Ekka DYD, Raiganj. After the inaugural ceremony the new DYD of Asansol Fr. Mangal Tudu and Fr. Michael Singh new DYD of Darjeeling and new DLYA Sr. Adelina Lepcha were introduced to the council by the REXCO and the host diocese. The ceremony was followed by warm welcome speech from Fr. Indrajit Sardar  DYD of Baruipur diocese , inaugural speech was given by Fr. Gregory Montero RYD.  After the dinner we had ice breaking session headed by REXCO team followed by the night prayer by Darjeeling Diocese.





The second day of the council meeting started with the holy mass. Rev. Bp. Cyprian Monis was the main celebrant and con-celebrated by DYD’s in the Cathedral. Bp. Monis in his homily stressed the need of faith formation.  After the breakfast the animation was led by Jalpaiguri diocese.  Then Mr. Subhankar Regional Youth President gave a warm welcome speech. Fr. Gregory Montero addressed the Council regarding the meet. RYP shared the agenda of the day and a report on last Regional Youth Convention was read out.

The forth coming National Youth Convention IX was the next topic discussed by the council regarding the venue, dates and the number of delegates representing from each Diocese. Cultural Programme and the exhibition were also discussed soon after. The diocesan contribution for the Convention was also the matter discussed in the house.




The monthly magazine Apna Yuva Spandan came up as a new topic to be clarified. Each diocese took initiatives and selected months to write in the monthly youth magazine and themes will be given by Ms. Shradhanjali Kujur who is the Regional Female Representative and NEXCO. It was decided every diocese will give their monthly report to Mr. Aritra Sen RYR of the region.
Soon after the lunch the discussion started  for the Action plan for April 2013- March 2013 which is managed by Mr. Aritra Sen. West Bengal and Sikkim region was then divided for two zones North Zone which included the dioceses Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, Raiganj and Bagdogra . Bagdogra was absent. South Zone included Asansol, Baruipur, Kolkata and Krishnanagar dioceses. The tentative dates for Training of Trainers’ (TOT) for North Zone will be held at Siliguri Seva Kendra from 1st to 4th August 2013. South Zone will conduct Youth Retreat at Jalakhali from 9th to 11th August 2013. It was decided the new DYDs & DYLAs will attend Chaplin Animators Training (CAT) programme will be held at Bangalore from 1st to 10th June 2013 and 5 of the REXCO members i.e. Mr. Subhankar, Mr. Aritra, Ms. Shraddhanjali, Mr. John & Ms. Daisy will attend REXCO orientation Programme which will be held from 11th to 14th June 2013.

Soon after the discussion of the programme Corpus Fund was collected. One of the REXCO members Adrian John volunteered to look after the Regional Youth office.Fr. Gregory discussed about the regional needs.

Fr. Onsu DYD of Krishnanagar conducted the evaluation in the house. All the DYDs, DYLAs and the youths gave their opinion, views and suggestions to make the programme successful in the areas of development. A Graceful Adoration was led by Fr. Indrajit which made the environment holy and prayerful one. After dinner there was a separate discussions for the RYD, DYDs and DYLAs and group discussion for the youths. The night prayer was conducted by Baruipur diocese.










On the Third day Holy mass was conducted by Asansol and Jalpaiguri Diocese and the main celebrant was Fr. Gregory RYD followed by vote of thanks by John Baptist. After breakfast all the diocese left to their respective places.
As reported by Mr. Artra Sen, RYR of West Bengal Region.

Mr. Aritra Sen
Regional Youth Male Representative
West Bengal – Sikkim Region


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