Seventeenth day of August was a very pleasant day for the youth of Sajnaberia Parish, where 70 youth of St. Joseph’s Church, Sajnaberia gathered for a "Parish Youth Orientation Programme". The programme began with the hoisting of Parish Youth Flag, where Parish Priest Fr. Pankaj Kr. Pati welcomed the new appointed youth Director Fr. Arup Bor. After that the youth settled inside the church and the programme started with a prayer and lighting of the lamp, followed by Fr. Pankaj giving a short message where he mentioned “we need a good and fruitful youth in the church.” Then Mr. Hrittick Hazra, Parish Youth President welcomed the gathering.  Mr. Subhrajit Poti introduced the invitees. The guests were felicitated by the youth of the parish by flower, card, badge  and maître bandhan ( a sign of unity).

   Soon after the Ice Breaking session the Diocesan Youth President, Mr. Aritra Sen took a session regarding the "Duties of Youth in the Church & Society" and "The Vision, Mission & Aim of ICYM". After a short break Fr. Arup Bor explained to the youth on "What will be the Goal and the Purpose of the Youth".

   After the delicious lunch Mr. Akash Dhara presented a power point presentation to show the New Youth Group, how the youth of different level are working for the youth ministry. A short group discussion was conducted. The programme ended with the Holy Eucharistic Celebration. The youth of Sajnaberia Parish were very happy that Fr. Arup Bor (new DYD) started his youth journey with them.The Sajnaberia Youth Unit has done a great job to make the programme a success one.


By :  Mr. Hrittick Hazra
       Regional Youth Treasurer
       West Bengal Sikkim Region 



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