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Nagpur, May 15: ICYM celebrated its Pentecost and the Holy Cross feast at Yuvagram-the youth village, in Padri Thana, Nagpur from 1st to 6th of May 2012. The Holy cross which is erected at the top of the mountain is the IInd pilgrim center of Nagpur Archdiocese. This time youth from 4 regions including Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh participated in the feast celebration. The main objective of this gathering was:-

1)    To grow spiritually and intellectually: All the 6 days began with morning prayers, meditation and yoga, which helped and provided the youth with an excellent start to the day and kept them cool and calm even with the Nagpur heat.

2)    To know about the current situation of the youth in India: Every morning after breakfast the youth had a one hour session on various social and church issues such as:

a)     Migration of youth.

b)    The CBCI Statement of the 29th General Body Meeting held in Guwahati : 2010

c)      Vatican Guidelines to Celebrate the “Year of Faith”, which begins on 11th oct, 2012.

d)    The statement of ICYM National Convention-Shillong (2010)

3)    To help and contribute in the celebration of the Cross Feast: This celebration was for six days beginning on the 1st of May till the 6th of May. We -the young people took up various big and small jobs such as cutting vegetables, washing dishes, taking up the liturgical details (introduction and prayer of the faithful) and distributing food after the mass daily so as to contribute and celebrate this feast with the local youth and the villagers. The inaugural mass was celebrated by Most. Rev. Abp. Abraham Viruthakulangara on the 1st of May in which over 200 believers from all over Nagpur gathered for the inaugural mass. Rest of the 5 days the liturgy was distributed to different parishes of Nagpur. There was way of the cross before every mass and the believers climbed all the way up to the Cross depicting the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The  concluding day saw around 1000 believers from all over Nagpur and the mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Jerome Pinto (Vicar General of Nagpur Archdiocese), and was Con-celebrated by Rev. Fr. Philip Franky D’Souza (Secretary-CBCI Office for Youth and National Director-ICYM).

4)    To Contribute in thought process for the bringing up of YUVAGRAM- The village for youth: This time there were concrete discussions which were held on our land-YUVAGRAM and different ideas as well as important suggestions came up from the youth gathered on how the youth village should come up as. The youth also decided to spread the news about Yuvagram and to come there for voluntary work as and when required.

The program concluded where the youth left with a rich experience of working  as well as interacting with the young people and villagers of a entirely different area and background and to adjust and give in a hundred percent commitment for the Lord and for ICYM. Fr. Franklin and Sr. Edleburg accompanied the group of 10 youth volunteers. Ms. Olima Minj, National Youth President led the program.
















































































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