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"F.I.M.C.A.P." is the International Federation of Catholic Parochial Youth Movements. The abbreviation F.I.M.C.A.P. comes from the original title: "Fédération International des Mouvements Catholiques d'Action Paroissale". Today, under FIMCAP there are 38 organizations representing 29 countries in 4 continents.

FIMCAP is a federation gathering of Catholic children and youth organizations not relating to a specific professional group, but having all children and young people - being in parishes or otherwise  - as target group. The organizations affiliated to FIMCAP aim to bring children and young people together in groups during their leisure time. This community group life should help the members to live their own lives according to the values of the Gospel, and to share their insights and their work with others.

FIMCAP wants to unite the member organizations in the spirit of fraternity and mutual help, in order to achieve the awareness of all members that they belong to a world-wide community of children and young people. FIMCAP wants to help them discover and understand the specific problems and needs of children and young people all over the world. FIMCAP wants to give concrete help to the life of organizations especially by educational and systematic exchanges.

The relationship between ICYM and FIMCAP started with the meeting of FIMCAP international Presidium and ICYM National Director Fr.Alwyn D,Souza and the then ICYM president Mr.Rakesh Singh during the World Youth Day 2005. In 2006 FIMCAP international Chaplain, Fr.Alvero visited India and he took part in the ICYM National Council Meeting and explained about FIMCAP. He also participated in the South Asian Youth Apostolate Meeting and gave his report to the Inter Continental Bureau (ICB) of FIMCAP. The ICB accepted ICYM as an observer member of FIMCAP. The 24th General assembly Meeting of FIMCAP in Asissi, Italy, from 23d to 29th of July 2007, unanimously elected ICYM as a full fledged member of FIMCAP. Mr. Saiby Mathew, the then National General Secretary represented ICYM in the meeting and he was elected as the representative of FIMCAP Asia to the Asian Youth Forum. He also visited the offices of two FIMCAP member organizations in Europe, Ubla, Switzerland and KJG, Germany.

FIMCAP World Camp
The FIMCAP World Camp was held in India from 19th July to 5th August 2009. Sixty delegates from 23 countries participated in the program. The program started with preparatory meeting in Delhi. Then the delegates participated in different projects such as; Women Empowerment Project in Bongaigoan, Assam, Working with Mother Theresa Sisters in Kolkata, Agricultural Training Project in Umran, School Children's Training and Peace Project in Shillong for one week. The participants were excited to stay in the host families in rural India. The objectives of the program were cultural emersion and exchange of ideas for the youth ministry. The program came to an end with the evaluation program in Kolkota.

FIMCAP World Camp was organized in India on 19th July 2009 to 5th August 2009. The program focused on the theme ‘Baichara’ which means Brotherhood. Programs were organized in New Delhi, Umran, Sillong, Bangaigaon and Kolkata. Delegates from 32 countries participated in the event. In 2010 Mr. Jomon Thomas, former Vice President of ICYM was selected as the new FIMCAP representative of ICYM in place of Mr. Saiby Mathew who served the term from 2007-2009.
The 23rd FIMCAP General Assembly was held at St. Teresa Hotel, Munich Germany from 14th August to 22nd August 2010. Mr. Ravi Rounak, President of ICYM represented ICYM in the meeting. The meeting focused on the theme, Climate Change. In this General Assembly Fr. Gregory Montero from ICYM was elected as the International Chaplain of FIMCAP.

1) First Asian Conference, Nov.27-30,2010 Sri Lanka.


This three days program was hosted by Pubuduwa Youth Ministry,Sri Lanka. India and Philippines participated in the program . Mr.Jomon Thomas Vellappally represented the India. This meeting planned the future program and elected Mr.Jomon Thomas From India as the President of Asia, Marie from Philippines as the General Secretary, Sameere from Sri Lanka as the Vice President and Ranjana Kavithre as the chaplain. The program   included Business meetings, workshop on mission and vision, Seminar on Youth and enviourment, Cultural Programs and other activities. Next Asian Conference will be hosted by Indian Catholic Youth Movement in India.

From International level Fr.Gregory (world Chaplain) and Ms. Marvic (International president) participated the First Asian conference.

2) Inter Continental Bureau [ICB] Meeting, April 1-4,Belgium.

Inter Continental Bureau (ICB) is the executive body of FIMCAP. Thrice in a year ICB comes together at the international office which is situated in Antwerp, Belgium. The ICB consists of ten members from different continents, From India Jomon Thomas (Asian President FIMCAP) & Fr Gregory (International Chaplin) also took part in this meeting. The meeting which was held for four days ie(April 1 – april4) In this meeting the report of the previous meeting was presented and the discussions and clarifications were sought, after this the report was passed unanimously . After this the agenda for the meeting was readout for the meeting.  One of the main agenda was the future of Green Project proposed  by the Asian contingent and there was also the discussion of the program of different continents was discussed and the reached on the agreements .

All ICB members visited the International office at Antwerp, Cathedral church and different tourist destination in and around.
Fr Gregory, Ms. Marvic, Ms Lea & Ms Evy were in charge of all program and were responsible for hosting this meeting successfully.

3) Catholic Organization of Youth n Asia (COYA),Mar.26-30,Thailand.

COYA Is the organization which includes all the catholic youth movements in Asia. The annual Pentecost meeting of COYA, 2011 was hosted by FABC Youth Desk in Pattaya, Bangkok.14 delegates from different organization participated in the meeting and involved in the discussions’ and programmes as well. In the meeting the next Asian Youth Day, World youth Day Asian Gathering and the establishment of COYA meeting was presided by FABC Chairman & Ms Joy Condelario. As FIMCAP Representative Jomon Thomas Participated and Next COYA meeting will be hosted in Malaysia.

4) FIMCAP Asian Conference, Dec.27-30,India.

FIMCAP Asian Conference will be hosted by Indian Catholic Youth Movement in Cochin, India As decided by the Asian Presidium  in Sri Lanka .As part of this conference ICYM is planning to conduct various programs such as environmental campaign , Cycle rally , Parish exchange programmes , youth fest , COYA day , Blood donation camps in association with other social groups etc The primary discussion and preparations already over , at the secondary level all the youth delegates from different parts of the country will be involved in the preparations and process . The committee which Consists of Mr. Jomon Thomas & NEXCO members will be the in charge of hosting this event.

FIMCAP Asian President:
Mr. Jomon Thomas Vellappally
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Asian Office: CBCI Centre, 1, Ashok Place, New Delhi-110001
Tel. +91-11-23340773, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

International Office: Kipdorp 30,B-2000 Antwerp, Belgium
Tel. +32.3.231 07 95, Fax: +32.3.232 51 62
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