A PARABLE OF COMMUINION.  In August 1940, with Europe in the grip of World War II, Brother Roger, then aged 25, set up a home in the almost abandoned village of Taize, in East France.  His hope is to bring together a monastic community which would live out “a parable of communion”, a living parable, to be set at the heart of the suffering of the time.  Centering his life on prayer, he used his house to conceal refugees, especially Jews, fleeing from the Nazi occupation of France.  There are now some 90 brothers committed to life-long vows, Catholic and from various Protestant backgrounds, coming from over twenty countries.  The brothers earn their living and share with others entirely through their own work.  They accept no donations or gifts for themselves and they hold no capital.  Some of the brothers live in small “fraternities” in Asia, Africa, South and North America, where they share the living conditions of the poor.


Since more than 30 years young people from different parts of the world have been coming to Taize to take part in the week-long intercontinental meetings animated by the brothers in the community.  Through prayer together and sharing, they seek to deepen their inner life so as to be able to take up responsibilities in the human family. The community has never attempted to set up a “movement” around itself; young people are challenged to commit themselves in their church, at home, in their cities or neighbourhood.  It was to support them in this that Taize started the “Pilgrimage of Trust on Earth” launched by Brother Roger, in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1982.  At the heart of the pilgrimage everywhere is the theme “inner life and human solidarity”.


Taize has been present in Asia, for many years and the “Pilgrimage” has taken many different forms.  They are involved in student activities, very close to young people in prison; they set up small schools, caring for street children as well as hostels where boys coming to the city to study can find accommodation and still remain rooted in their own culture.  Brothers arrange prayer meetings and sharing and from time to time larger gatherings are held in major cities.  As thousands of youth pray together, they share not only their own joys and sorrows, but they are encouraged to discover something of the suffering and the hope in the place where the meeting is being held.  They discover that they themselves can become a light of hope within the entire human family.

CBCI Youth Commission has been a Part of Tize Pilgrimages since 1986 and so far more than 700 young have participated in the Inter Continental Meetings at Taize for 3 months (five thousands have participated in the Pilgrimages of Trust on earth). After their time in Taize, they are encouraged to continue what they have discovered by finding where they can undertake responsibilities in their own dioceses and parishes.

Taize Pilgrimage helps Young People:
•    To continue helping the youth ministry in India being an asset to the local Church.
•    To share ones faith/ commitment/ culture with the youth coming from all over the world.
•    To foster not only National Integration but also Global Integration to build a better World.

The youth Delegates (between 22 and 27 yrs) stay in Taize for two and half or/ three months for the spiritual renewal and participate in the Intercontinental Youth Meeting.

As the Taize Orientation Programme (T.O.P.) is essential, before leaving India, Taize Evaluation Programme (T.E.P.) of one full day (in Delhi) is a must for each participant in order to chalk out Plan of Action and implement the same on the return of the pilgrim to his/her home/parish/diocese.

Every Year Taize supports traveling, board & lodging of 13 ICYM young people from India.

International Pilgrimage of Trust on Earth was held in Chennai (1985 & 1987, were more than 10,000 youth from more than 30 countries participated).

In 2006, it was held at Don Bosco School, Park lircus Kolkata, around 6,000 young people participated in it. Next Taize Asian gathering will be held Manila Philippines from February 3rd to 7th 2010

Taize Address:
Brother Ghislain, Taize, community, 712250 Cluny, France

TAIZE - Link:

Click http://www.taize.fr/ to view website of Taize






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